Data Security Solutions

CACHATTO is a remote-access service for business. It offers you a safe & secure environment to seamlessly access on-premise corporate systems and cloud services using any device on-demand. CACHATTO can help you reduce cost, improve speed and increase agility of your business.


NinjaConnect is a remote file-access service to enhance the way you work. With a centralised file access network, access your files anytime anywhere seamlessly and securely by connecting to multiple on-premise servers without VPN. Minimise downtime to enhance business connectivity and continuity.

Splashtop for CACHATTO is a Secure Remote Desktop solution. Splashtop enables you an easier, faster and more secure access to your office computer. With an internet connection, you can work remotely or provide remote support to your end-users, clients from your computer, tablet, or mobile device


FinalCode secures sensitive files wherever they are distributed, inside and outside your organization. Available as a SaaS or on-premise virtual appliance offering, FinalCode makes securing file collaboration easy, flexible, and in a way that works with popular applications, platforms and devices while preserving user experience and workflow